All people throughout the world know about the country Israel. This country has major cities, one of which is Jerusalem which is the most populated area. This is the most familiar city in Israel that all people know. You might have heard of Tel Aviv as well. Let us know more about this major city.

Tel Aviv is the financial center of Israel and known as one of the most important financial center in the world. High technology is developed in this city. Many foreign countries come and go in this city not only because the city is very beautiful but also because of the culture and arts that they have. If we take a look at the satellite view of the city, we can see that there are so many amazing things that we can do. For example, the beach is just around there, boating can also be a pleasure there since there are so many boats serving people.

With regards to the cleanliness of the environment, the city has already made a promise to clean the surroundings and provide clean and green environment for those who are entering the city. Perhaps the most significant topic when it comes to reformation of the city is the Hiriya Landfill. This is one of the achievement of the city since this landfill will be very much beneficial to those who are citizens of the country. Almost the city is surrounded by water so the riverbanks are supposed to be clean. It s not only for swimming but also for sea creatures