In this place where many people want to gravel, the residents have also to survive having their own lives to live and so they have to work on their own. Even if the tourism is very good, they also know that they have to protect their own environment so that it would be maintained and it can flourish. that is why they also have made much effort in making the tourism sustainable. Let us see in the video how it was done and its result.

One of the amazing efforts they had made to let nature and man be in harmony with each other is to make way for nature to do its way. They are doing agriculture in the country and there are migratory birds that can destroy them as they need food to continue their travel. To draw them away from the crops, they had made a portion where they can drink water and eat food provided for them also with this company’s service for anti pests, check this 除蟲公司. It is a success and so the agriculture is safe and a new place for tourism developed.

As they are also encouraged to plant trees continually so this country is the only place where you can see the forest land increasing and not the opposite. Many are then encouraged to be able to be at peace with nature as many can walk and have fun traveling the trails set and other outdoor activities. If you watch the video continually you will discover the other amazing things presented in the video.