Water is very essential to man’s life. Without water, no living organism can survive. Plants, animals, especially humans need water for survival. In every part of the world, water consumption is too high. Water is being used for many purposes such as agricultural, industrial, household purposes, and others. As time pass by, water consumption will surely increase because it is expected that the world’s population will continually increase.

It is the same in Israel. Surely, population will increase in the near future and more business establishments such as factories, restaurants, and others will be built. These are the factors for water consumption. Actually, the World Health Organization recommends the use of only 100 liters per capita per day. However, in Israel, the amount is twice higher than the amount recommended.

If this will continue to occur, drought may possibly occur. In addition, facing this kind of crisis is difficult. Without water, we cannot easily do household chores or any other work which requires the use of water. The use of water in the major cities in Israel is high. Due to domestic, commercial, and industrial purposes, water is being consumed.

If people in Israel don’t know how to conserve water, that would be  a  big problem. Actually, it’s not only in Israel but in every part of the world. The consumption of water should be lessened to avoid water crisis. Also, the safety of water is very important especially for drinking water. If water dries up, it would be difficult to find another source. This is why water conservation is very important.