After going through the history of Israel for thousands of years, knowing how it gained its independence, most historians think that their independence is a miracle. There are so many things to talk about what happened to them for thousands of years. The Israel is the only country that regained their country after 1900 years. It all began 2000 years ago when they fell in the hands of the Romans. They were destroyed by Rome in AD 70 and after that they lost all of their sovereignty.

They wandered from place to place and they neither have their own national identity nor being respected by other races. They have buried themselves in foreign lands and they had been persecuted by different races wherever they went. They suffered for a long time. They settled themselves in some parts of the Europe, so they are called European Jews, Polish Jews and so forth. Terrible scheme came to them during the 20th century. During the World War I, they were involved and during the World War II, more than 6 million Jews were annihilated.

It is not easy to express how they were annihilated terribly by the Nazis. They were wiped out from the European nations. This is called the Holocaust. However, some Jews were determined to gain their independence so some survivors gathered together to ask for the independence. In 1848, there was a vote from most leaders around the world regarding independence. This created the way for the Jews to gain their independence. “Yes” vote won. In the same year, The UN declared the Independence of Israel.