If you will visit Jerusalem you will not miss seeing surely the holy sites that you can be able to read the bible or have watched the movies that were made or the documentaries. Every person has their own reasons why they want to visit the place where Jesus lived and had done his gospel work to save the souls of people. As He already ascended to heaven, many people want to reach and know Him closer to going to the places He went before.

In the video, you can see the travel going to the very special place. the sea of Galilee that is very famous in the bible. You can see many tourists and also pilgrims who want to retrace and see the places Jesus went before. You can see that the place is very much maintained that there are people who do fishing.  The see is fresh and so marine animals can live there, see some online info or  jump over here 八拓科技有限公司. You can also see the Jordan river and see that people still conduct baptism.

You can listen to the explanation of the places and also you can see the different churches that were established to the places that are connected to Jesus works. Different churches built by different religions form part the tourists’ attractions that people want to see. You can see in the video what you can find in those places. They say their purpose is to find Jesus and so they make every effort to make it a reality.