Israel is a well known country because of its history and the importance of it in the lives of the people around the world. There are many people who are lining up to visit the country. But there are misconceptions sometimes about the country. That is why we will clear some of it through knowing lists of facts about Israel through a video that was shared. We can see lists of 68 facts you might not know about the country. Here is the video.

The country is considered as young and compared to a three years old. but even if it is young, it has already achieved a success and the nation is in good condition even in its economy. Tourism helps the country but they should also make a living and so they also do farming in this country. And you can locate here this best decorating company 室內設計. But technology is also very advanced here and the city of Tel Aviv is known as a hub for technology and also on the part of the economic sector.

If you will watch the video surely there are things you will discover about the country and you will learn to also appreciate it more. One of it is that it is a small country and you can travel in it for hours if you will not spend much time of the beautiful, historic and meaningful tourists spots. they also have a high number of startups and a high number of museums that you can visit when you are there.