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List of interesting facts you probably didn’t know about Israel

Israel is a well known country because of its history and the importance of it in the lives of the people around the world. There are many people who are lining up to visit the country. But there are misconceptions sometimes about the country. That is why we will clear some of it through knowing lists of facts about Israel through a video that was shared. We can see lists of 68 facts you might not know about the country. Here is the video.

The country is considered as young and compared to a three years old. but even if it is young, it has already achieved a success and the nation is in good condition even in its economy. Tourism helps the country but they should also make a living and so they also do farming in this country. But technology is also very advanced here and the city of Tel Aviv is known as a hub for technology and also on the part of the economic sector.

If you will watch the video surely there are things you will discover about the country and you will learn to also appreciate it more. One of it is that it is a small country and you can travel in it for hours if you will not spend much time of the beautiful, historic and meaningful tourists spots. they also have a high number of startups and a high number of museums that you can visit when you are there.

The Sea of Galilee: One of the sacred sites that you must visit along the sea

If you will visit Jerusalem you will not miss seeing surely the holy sites that you can be able to read the bible or have watched the movies that were made or the documentaries. Every person has their own reasons why they want to visit the place where Jesus lived and had done his gospel work to save the souls of people. As He already ascended to heaven, many people want to reach and know Him closer to going to the places He went before.

In the video, you can see the travel going to the very special place. the sea of Galilee that is very famous in the bible. You can see many tourists and also pilgrims who want to retrace and see the places Jesus went before. You can see that the place is very much maintained that there are people who do fishing.  The see is fresh and so marine animals can live there. You can also see the Jordan river and see that people still conduct baptism.

You can listen to the explanation of the places and also you can see the different churches that were established to the places that are connected to Jesus works. Different churches built by different religions form part the tourists’ attractions that people want to see. You can see in the video what you can find in those places. They say their purpose is to find Jesus and so they make every effort to make it a reality.

Israel in History: Miracle of Independence

After going through the history of Israel for thousands of years, knowing how it gained its independence, most historians think that their independence is a miracle. There are so many things to talk about what happened to them for thousands of years. The Israel is the only country that regained their country after 1900 years. It all began 2000 years ago when they fell in the hands of the Romans. They were destroyed by Rome in AD 70 and after that they lost all of their sovereignty.

They wandered from place to place and they neither have their own national identity nor being respected by other races. They have buried themselves in foreign lands and they had been persecuted by different races wherever they went. They suffered for a long time. They settled themselves in some parts of the Europe, so they are called European Jews, Polish Jews and so forth. Terrible scheme came to them during the 20th century. During the World War I, they were involved and during the World War II, more than 6 million Jews were annihilated.

It is not easy to express how they were annihilated terribly by the Nazis. They were wiped out from the European nations. This is called the Holocaust. However, some Jews were determined to gain their independence so some survivors gathered together to ask for the independence. In 1848, there was a vote from most leaders around the world regarding independence. This created the way for the Jews to gain their independence. “Yes” vote won. In the same year, The UN declared the Independence of Israel.

The Yarkon river, the largest coastal river in Tel Aviv, Israel

There are many things that you can find to do in the city of Tel Aviv. It is one of the major destinations in the middle east that visitors travel to each year. This city also has its own rivers and in this time we will take a look at the largest coastal river that could be found in the place. This river is very nice and good and is maintained so that it would be a good place to relax and enjoy the environment.

Now you have seen what the river looks like with the help of the video. this water or river offers also boat riding where you can pedal and have fun to be on the river. It is safe and you get to have the experience being in the sea even if you will not have to get wet. There is also a bridge that gives a good view of the river and in the banks, the people could relax and feel the air.

There is a park constructed where people who are resting can sit and relax. There are benches provided and you will feel that you are in a park with the river beside you. It is a great experience. You can see the other rivers that are located in the city and neighboring areas. You can think that what you are reading became alive as you can see the places your self when you are there. Have fun traveling Tel Aviv and the whole country.

The ten things to do in Tel Aviv and other useful travel information

This city that is making every effort to also grow in the economy is doing so as it is known for the technology that is being developed and so it became a hub for technology. It is also a place where transactions take place regarding the economy and that it makes it a good place. Even if many people know about Israel but they do not really have a glimpse of what life there. We will have today by knowing the ten things to do in Israel and other facts.

You can read the many facts about the city and one of them is that it is also one of the cities around the world that does not sleep as there are many nightlife activities that those who want to be awake in the evening are the ones doing. The city is home to the stock exchange so it is also a financial home of Israel. They call it the financial capital of the country Israel. It even belongs to the most expensive city list around the world.

With that information, you can be able to see the ten things that you can do when you are in the city. One of it is to have a great overall picture of the city when you will be able to go to the observatory named Azrieli. If you want to also see dances then you can join the shows regularly shown in the Suzanne Dellal Centre where local and international artist performed.

Jerusalem city: The pride of Israel and center of conflicting faith

If you will visit the country of Israel you should also visit the city that is very popular and the one that is the reason that the Jews will not give up returning to their hometown. The place of Jerusalem is considered as very important and so the ones who understand its value made every effort so they could return into it. But now the place full of history has been home to three different religions that stood side by side each has their own place claiming it to be holy.

In the video, you can watch the travel of the woman to also see for herself the places that are very important to those who do pilgrimage to the land. Many people pride themselves on going into the holy land. It seems there is reaaly a very great thing they can see and feel while being there. If you had not yet gone then you can watch the video and you can see those places related in the bible.

One of it is the mount of olioves. It has been already a place that is very busy because people all over the world also goes there and tkae their time to see the view of what the city is now.  You can also see the place where Jesus prayed and that is in Gethsemane. The trees that you can see there are over 2,000 years in existence and that is very amazing. Watche the whole video to know more.

Facts about the Water Consumption in Israel

Water is very essential to man’s life. Without water, no living organism can survive. Plants, animals, especially humans need water for survival. In every part of the world, water consumption is too high. Water is being used for many purposes such as agricultural, industrial, household purposes, and others. As time pass by, water consumption will surely increase because it is expected that the world’s population will continually increase.

It is the same in Israel. Surely, population will increase in the near future and more business establishments such as factories, restaurants, and others will be built. These are the factors for water consumption. Actually, the World Health Organization recommends the use of only 100 liters per capita per day. However, in Israel, the amount is twice higher than the amount recommended.

If this will continue to occur, drought may possibly occur. In addition, facing this kind of crisis is difficult. Without water, we cannot easily do household chores or any other work which requires the use of water. The use of water in the major cities in Israel is high. Due to domestic, commercial, and industrial purposes, water is being consumed.

If people in Israel don’t know how to conserve water, that would be  a  big problem. Actually, it’s not only in Israel but in every part of the world. The consumption of water should be lessened to avoid water crisis. Also, the safety of water is very important especially for drinking water. If water dries up, it would be difficult to find another source. This is why water conservation is very important.




The whole picture of sustainable tourism in action in the holy land

In this place where many people want to gravel, the residents have also to survive having their own lives to live and so they have to work on their own. Even if the tourism is very good, they also know that they have to protect their own environment so that it would be maintained and it can flourish. that is why they also have made much effort in making the tourism sustainable. Let us see in the video how it was done and its result.

One of the amazing efforts they had made to let nature and man be in harmony with each other is to make way for nature to do its way. They are doing agriculture in the country and there are migratory birds that can destroy them as they need food to continue their travel. To draw them away from the crops, they had made a portion where they can drink water and eat food provided for them. It is a success and so the agriculture is safe and a new place for tourism developed.

As they are also encouraged to plant trees continually so this country is the only place where you can see the forest land increasing and not the opposite. Many are then encouraged to be able to be at peace with nature as many can walk and have fun traveling the trails set and other outdoor activities. If you watch the video continually you will discover the other amazing things presented in the video.


The zero waste packaging compared to the traditional waste packaging

This time let understand the difference between zero waste and traditional waste concentrating on the packaging that is being used. It is because the packaging contributes to the big amount of waste that is being put into the landfill. As we already know the places for putting waste is now a problem as they are becoming scarce and managing them in plants is costly. In the illustration below in the infographic provided we will see the differences in some areas that can be considered.

You can read in the infographic the side about zero waste and the side of the traditional packaging. Everything that we buy is put on the packaging that would just be thrown out when we will use or eat what is inside of them. There are products who are put in plastic and then into boxes. They easily accumulate and the space they take in is big. Good thing if they are all recyclable but there are more that are not recycled like styrofoam and some plastics and glass.

That is why there is an effort now to really make in awareness in each household to participate in the mission so that the impact created together would be able to be felt by the earth and the problems that occur could be lessened. As one of the missions of zero waste is to minimize waste that could seep into the waterways and the land that could damage the environment. If you also do your part it can make a positive impact.

The new year for trees 101 and its contribution to the environment

In this article, we will also know about the practice of the Israel residents to celebrate a feast and they do it by planting trees. They raise awareness and are again reminded of the environment at this time and so they plant trees as a means to celebrate it. It has also its own symbol that is related to their faith that is why they regard it as important. The feast which is called the new year for trees in the English language is illustrated in the infographic below.

You can see that when they celebrate the festival, they also reflect on themselves on what are they doing for the environment and the community. What had they done to be able to give help. They also eat the different fruits that are found in Israel and they had also developed their own so they can be able to eat ten different fruits and attain a good spiritual health also. When they eat the fruit they also say a prayer relating to it that you can read in the infographic.

In this time also of the celebration, they would determine the law that is applicable to the agriculture like when they will harvest the fruits or wait for certain year or years before they could be able to pick and eat from them. They also have to present tithe from the produce as according to the law that they follow and adhere. It is also nice to have a time for the environment.