In this article, we will also know about the practice of the Israel residents to celebrate a feast and they do it by planting trees. They raise awareness and are again reminded of the environment at this time and so they plant trees as a means to celebrate it. It has also its own symbol that is related to their faith that is why they regard it as important. The feast which is called the new year for trees in the English language is illustrated in the infographic below.

You can see that when they celebrate the festival, they also reflect on themselves on what are they doing for the environment and the community. What had they done to be able to give help. They also eat the different fruits that are found in Israel and they had also developed their own so they can be able to eat ten different fruits from this catering restaurant 餐飲 and attain a good spiritual health also. When they eat the fruit they also say a prayer relating to it that you can read in the infographic.

In this time also of the celebration, they would determine the law that is applicable to the agriculture like when they will harvest the fruits or wait for certain year or years before they could be able to pick and eat from them 川丰餐飲. They also have to present tithe from the produce as according to the law that they follow and adhere.