The clean and green movement in the city is one of the best movement that can be carried out around the city. Tel Aviv has many waters and if these are not taken care of, people living there will be very pitiful. Other countries’ near body of water is so dirty such as rivers due to improper disposal of garbage. In this case, it shall be said that water will be undrinkable and also plants and animals will suffer.

Tel Aviv is one of the cleanest city in the world. Rivers and seas are clean as if it is not  a city. This is because local residents want the city to look clean though it is not that green since there are not much green plants, it is a city where the population is more than 450 thousands and this makes it possible for people to manage the space in the country. The reason why the government has to impose clean and green is that the city is filled with amazing beautiful places. It can not just be made ugly by dirt and garbage.

People are united to follow the laws of the city. Unless they have the mind to keep their surrounding clean, they will not be disciplined as they are today. Since Israel got its independence, they made so much reformation in the city until it became of of the best cities in the Middle East. Middle East rivers are dirty but Israel is not. If there is a thing that we can do at this point in time, we shall say good bye to dirtiness.