As this is the second largest city in Israel, it is the major center of technological advancement in the country. It is very important to protect the nature in order to preserve the nature of the country. If the city can be protected although it it a city, then the major cities will also come to protect their own city.

The government agrees to protect the city by its laws and ordinances to endure the stability of nature in the urban city. The city has its beaches but around it are building and infrastructure. However, these buildings and infrastructures may cause problems in the society since factories are the major cause of water pollution if chemicals go to the sea. How can the city be protected in a way that there is a sustainable materials and movement.

Some of the animals in the city are disappearing. In this case, it should be guaranteed by the government that these animals should survive by any means. People should understand what has to be done for their city. People should not be allowed to shoot wildlife animals since if they perish, there will be no animals. If their animal habitat is destroyed, animals will perish.

The urban place have to be planted with trees because these trees are a great help.  We can make sure that everyone should benefit in the movement of preservation of the country. All people have to be united in order to fight against the danger that is coming towards us.